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Don’t Miss the Shepherd’s Salad at Dolma Mediterranean Cuisine

May 31, 2021 | Uncategorized
Don’t Miss the Shepherd’s Salad at Dolma Mediterranean Cuisine

There are so many great places to eat near you in Boston that a trip to Brookline to get dinner seems crazy. But you’re going to want to hop in your car when you realize that’s where Dolma Mediterranean Cuisine is, and once you taste their food, the drive will seem like no big deal.
Dolma Mediterranean Cuisine offers incredibly authentic and delicious Greek cuisine, along with the dishes that you simply can’t find at most eateries. Shepherd’s salad, carrot tarator, and vegan kofte might seem like rare finds, but they are part of the everyday menu at Dolma Mediterranean Cuisine. The restaurant has so many unique and flavorful meals and sides, plus they all pack and travel really well. You could fill your fridge with manti (Turkish ravioli), bulgar pilaf, and white bean salad for many quick and easy meals all week long. When you consider that, a quick trip to Brookline makes a whole lot of sense.
Visit the Dolma Mediterranean Cuisine website for the full menu, or to place your order with a few clicks.